Rural Services


Hobby farmer, dairy farmer, grazier or grower… your farm is your livelihood, and as locals we know how important farmers are to our community.

That’s why we provide insurance packages that protect not only your home and contents, but your farm equipment, livestock and crops against breakdown, weather, theft and many more problems that can occur.

No matter what you’re farming, we want to ensure you’re able to stay on your farm and be protected from any risk. Give us a call for a quote!

Farm Motor

A breakdown of your tractor or farm equipment can be devastating, especially if you aren’t properly covered by insurance!

Accidents can happen, and the best way to prevent a hefty repair cost or long downtime, is with a well planned insurance package. The interface is can you help me with my homework very well designed and offers some mutcf needed spy app for iphone free custinizaruib options

At Edgar Insurance Brokers, we will help to find an insurance policy that suits the farm equipment you use. Whether it’s a tractor, a combine harvester, round baler-wrapper or all of the above, we can help you choose an insurance package that will best cover your specific needs.

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Minimise your risk and speak to our experts to tailor insurance packages that protect you, your loved ones, or your business. Entrust your most valuable worldly possessions to a local family team, request a quote and please contact us with any questions.

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