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Private Motor

Probably the insurance policy that everyone is familiar with… comprehensive car insurance.

Our private motor insurance provides cover for personal vehicles, and covers damage to your vehicle as well as third party property damage.

Whether you’re insuring your daily driver, or your treasured weekend car, we know how important it is to ensure that if you need to make an insurance claim, you don’t have to jump through hoops!

Edgar Insurance Brokers are experts when it comes to finding insurance cover that best suits your vehicle and requirements.

Give us a call today and we’ll give you peace of mind with a comprehensive car insurance policy!

House/Home Contents

You can never predict the future, so the next best option is to protect it! With home and contents insurance, you can relax knowing that no matter what happens in the future, you have an insurance plan in place to minimise your risk.

We can tailor an insurance policy that suits your property and belongings, so that if there is loss or damage caused to your home or contents, you can give us a call and talk to our friendly claims staff to start the process of repair or replacement.

It’s quick and easy to start, so give us a call and take the steps to put in place home and contents insurance!

Pleasure Craft/Boat

Spending time out on the water can be the ideal way to relax or catch some fish over Summer, At clark, the focus is leadership, character and culture of do my sims 4 kids need to do their homework innovation
so don’t let an uninsured pleasure craft or boat sink your plans!

We’ll keep your boat afloat with an insurance policy, designed to be straight forward coverage to protect against damage to yourself or others.

We can cover any water craft, from a jetski to a tinnie, to a luxury yacht and everything in between.
Before you get out on the water, make sure you’re protected against any risk that can occur while you’re out there!

Our staff are happy to run you through our options and prepare an insurance package for you!


Edgar Insurance Brokers can ensure that you’re covered with caravan insurance so that you can take that cross-country road trip with no worries!

We’ve been helping locals protect their caravans and contents from damage, theft and other risks for decades, so you can trust that we’ll find the best insurance policy options for you.

If you love regularly travelling, or have your caravan parked through the Summer, we’ll make sure its safety is a worry you don’t need!


Zipping around on your motorcycle can be a risky activity… so the best option is to protect yourself with comprehensive motorcycle insurance products!

We offer the best motorcycle insurance packages, that won’t break the budget but keep you protected if you break the bike!

Our policies not only protect your bike from accidents, we can also cover your motorcycle against theft, vandalism and weather damage.

If you aren’t sure what kind of insurance policy you need, our staff are more than happy to walk you through our insurance packages and tailor coverage for your needs.

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Minimise your risk and speak to our experts to tailor insurance packages that protect you, your loved ones, or your business. Entrust your most valuable worldly possessions to a local family team, request a quote and please contact us with any questions.

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