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Whether you have an existing risk management plan, or need to ensure your business is covered, we can tailor an insurance package that covers your business.

Professional indemnity insurance cover, personal injury, public liability insurance, car insurance, products liability… business insurance can be a struggle, but Edgar Insurance Brokers know the insurance business.

Whether you’re a small business or large, insurance products are vital as they not only protect your business but provides cover if you have property damaged.

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If you work in the trade industry, you’ll know that insurance cover can be complicated!

At Edgar Insurance Brokers we make tradie insurance easy, providing insurance packages that cover all trades insurance requirements.

Call it the tools of trade insurance cover, we’ll make sure that you’re protected with liability cover, income protection, tool insurance and general property insurance.
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Liability insurance protects you and your business, the products you sell or services you offer, from risk if you are sued for an insurance claim.

The level of cover can range from public and products liability insurance to personal liability insurance, with options for everyone from small business to large companies.
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Commercial Motor

Have a work motor vehicle that needs insuring? We can provide you with an insurance package that protects your business vehicle, whether it is a car, van or truck.

Damage to your vehicles can mean long downtime and large expenses, so talk to an insurance broker with expert knowledge, Edgar Insurance Brokers.

Our insurance products are designed to cost effectively protect you with commercial vehicle insurance that is flexible and can be adjusted if you change commercial vehicles.
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Fleet and Transport

Are you looking to insure a fleet of commercial vehicles or work in transport and logistics and need to cover your business?

We not only manage commercial vehicle insurance, we specialise in large motor fleet insurance products and can create a package to keep your trucks safe on the road and drivers protected.

Edgar Insurance Brokers are the transportation insurance brokers, let us create an insurance solution to your insurance problem.

Management Liability

Directors and officers face unique risks managing a business, and are exposed to risk of both personal and corporate liability.

Part of your overall risk management plan should be management liability insurance, also known as D&O insurance.

Our insurance packages provide cover and provide protection to private companies’ directors and officers against legal costs, fines and penalties in cases where they may be found personally liable or with statutory liability.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance is liability insurance cover designed to protect your business against legal costs and expenses.

If you are alleged to have provided negligent service or advice, the expenses defending yourself can build up fast, which is where Edgar Insurance Brokers step in.

If you have a solid risk management plan and professional indemnity cover, you can relax knowing that your insurance policy protects your business in the event of a liability claim.

Marine Cargo

Did you know that over 90% of the world’s cargo is shipped over oceans?

If your business transports goods domestically or internationally, marine cargo insurance protects you against the risks of loss of goods, whether it’s through accident or weather related damage. Eighty-five percent of the school's population speaks a language other than english at home, with primary languages being armenian, korean and get homework help spanish

If you ship goods over land, sea or air, we are experienced insurance brokers and can provide a tailored marine cargo insurance policy that suits your business and protects yourself and your clients’ goods.

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